Tips for Choosing the Best DNS Provider (Part 1)

DNS Made Easy offers key criteria and information

DNS Made Easy continues its series on DNS service providers, and how to steer clear of flaky service. First and foremost, make sure the company is established and has a viable past performance.

To recap, do these five things:

  • Choose a company with a proven track record.
  • Monitor the company’s performance and uptime.
  • Make sure the company provides sufficient service and support.
  • Investigate if the company invests in future innovation.
  • Be sure the company provides adequate security.

But wait, there’s more! Make sure your DNS company also offers these additional five services:

  1. No single point of failure. DNS Made Easy DNS Made Easy’s automatic DNS failover and system monitoring system solution guarantees that as soon as your website, service, or internet connection is offline, all your traffic will be automatically pointed over to a secondary IP address, server, or provider you have set up at another location. That means your site isn’t affected my network outages.
  2. Treat Resiliency. A DNS provider should be able to identify and defend against DDoS attacks. Most threats are the result of a DDoS attack. Since DNS plays a key role in delivering all Internet services, and is a common DDoS target, it’s imperative a DNS infrastructure is resilient to DDoS attacks. DNS Made Easy has a DDoS mitigation service in place with a proven 13-year history of uptime.
  3. Global Traffic Management. The Global Traffic Director from DNS Made Easy provides geographical source-based IP routing. This unique type of service allows GTD users to optimize and direct traffic flow based on the geographical location of their end user. By regionally dividing traffic among different servers or data centers they can easily increase the performance of your web application and services.
  4. Online Service Management. DNS Made Easy offers an easy-to-use interface into a company’s existing workflows. Security features and technical support are all available at the click of a mouse, or a phone call.
  5. Included Features. A good DNS service should provide all the features you need to run your business or organization. For example, IPv6 support: The use of IPv6 is growing across the Internet, so a good provider will be prepared for AAAA records as well as accepting queries over IPv6. DNS Made Easy provides reports of basic usage and statistics that matter to your business. DNS Made Easy also include failover and system monitoring.