Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015
January 12, 2016

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

  1. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about IP Anycast + Security [Infographic]

Ever wondered how our IP Anycast + network defends itself from a DDoS attack? Ponder no more! Our engineers break it down into easy to understand graphics that even a DNS neophyte can understand.

Is your DNS ready for the holidays?

Cyber Monday

2.  Is your DNS up to the Cyber Monday test? [Infographic]

The holidays have come and gone, but it’s important to make sure you DNS is airtight year round. See what our experts said are the best ways to pump up your DNS infrastructure without breaking the bank.

3.  Make or break your SEO ranks with DNS

Changing your web host or DNS hosting provider? While it may seem like a fairly simple backend switch, there are a lot of repercussions that could affect your SEO ranks.

Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS

4.  Why should I care about Secondary DNS? [Infographic]

Does your DNS have a body double? Learn how Secondary DNS services can keep your site online even if your primary provider goes down using our “body-double” technology.

5.  Benefits of outsourcing your DNS to an IP Anycast + Provider [eBook]

After the success of the IP Anycast + Infographic (number 1 on our list) we decided to go even further in depth to our our proprietary IP Anycast + technology works. This eBook covers everything from how we fend off DDoS attacks to cost efficiency of outsourcing to an enterprise provider.

Plusnet Outage Takes Down UK

Plusnet Outage

6.  Plusnet outage takes down the UK

Breaking News! We monitored every major outage as they occurred in 2015 using Constellix Sonar. Our experts weighed in on probable causes of the outage and how to prevent outages like this from taking your business down in the future.

7.  Zombies & DNS 101: How to prepare for an attack

A horde of zombies has infected all the engineers at your local data center, and now they think the server racks are brains! See how our experts break down how this would affect DNS Made Easy users in your area in this 3-part educational series.

Zombies & DNS 101

Zombies & DNS 101

8.  How can DNS optimize your site’s performance? [Infographic]

Everyone knows that outsourcing your DNS is great for cutting down on resolution times… but not every knows the many other benefits that DNS offers for keeping your site online and “surfable” despite the chop!

9.  Get to know your DNS Made Easy team [Infographic]

Whether you’re a newcomer to the DNSME team, or we’ve been partners for years… how much do you actually know about your DNSME staff?

Meet the DNS Made Easy Team

Meet the DNS Made Easy Team

10.  Welcome to DNS Made Easy Headquarters

Whether you’re a lifelong customer or just getting to know us, check out our DNSME headquarters and get to know your DNS team better!