Top 5 Reasons DNS Matters

Why it’s worth making the change to a third-party DNS server and why DNS Made Easy is your best bet

The job of a DNS server is to translate domain names ( into IP addresses ( The DNS server does this for every new site you visit in the browser. This means, no matter how fast your Internet connection speed is, a site won’t load unless the DNS server has performed the lookup successfully.

This is where speed matters. DNS Made Easy ranks #1 in the industry for top network speeds, according to SolveDNS, a third party network research firm. For the fourth consecutive month, DNS Made Easy has left the competition in the proverbial internet dust with January times 3.3 milliseconds ahead of the closest competition.

DNS Made Easy offers these five tips on why it is important to have reliable and fast DNS provider:

(Think fast! Can you name what films these five movie quotes were from?)
  • I feel the need… the need for speed. Network speeds are mission-critical in providing fast resolution times for customer domains. Low latency applications, such as DNS, are typically where delays occur in processing data. That’s why DNS Made Easy invests in network infrastructure, which provides the extra edge over the competition in terms of performance and speed.
  • I’ve got a feeling we aren’t in Kansas anymore. This isn’t small town Main Street, or main frame, anymore. The ever-expanding network is what your business relies on, therefore, being on the internet and connecting quickly with current and potential clients is essential. DNS Made Easy’s networks have evolved to reflect the service, redundancy, and speed our clients require from a world class enterprise DNS provider.
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate. System failure means time offline and can translate into lost revenue. DNS Made Easy’s IP Anycast Routing provides global load balancing, redundancy, decreased latency, and a true distributed response to denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Using IP Anycast, each name server IP corresponds to hundreds of systems world-wide announced from different geographical locations. DNS queries are then sent to the closest name server to the querying client. With multiple networks dynamically responding to the same IP address, network performance and uptime are drastically increased.
  • You can’t handle the truth. There are things you do well and things we do well. We are experts in DNS. All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide. We have a historical 8 year 100% uptime and an overall 99.9999% uptime history due to our 5th generation network, and continue to make significant improvements to redundancy and capacity to make sure we keep it that way.
  • If you build it, they will come. DNS Made Easy will continue infrastructure improvements throughout 2014 aimed at further network optimization. Customers can expect to see major improvements in Asia-based regions as well as on the West Coast in the United States. New network locations are also planned in 2014 following the deployment of Sydney, Australia; a much anticipated launch that took place at the end of 2013.


DNS is critical component of online media; make sure you monitor and optimize it to ensure user satisfaction by joining approximately 600,000 domains on the Internet and signing up for DNS Made Easy services. As the largest Enterprise DNS provider in the industry, it permits us to keep costs low and pass the savings directly to our clients.


Think fast! Can you name what films these five movie quotes were from?


1. Top Gun

2. Wizard of Oz

3. Cool Hand Luke

4. A Few Good Men

5. Field of Dreams

DNS Made Easy provides DNS service to the Motion Picture Association. The MPAA is the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries.