top 10 blogs of 2016
December 19, 2016

Top Posts of 2016

As you likely know, here at DNS Made Easy we strive to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry, as well as add our two-cents every now and then on our company blog. This year featured everything from in-depth studies of how top domains configure their DNS to the fundamentals of DNS and the Internet. Here are some of the top posts of 2016 according to you! We collated the top 10 posts based on user views and social shares.

how to get the most out of your dns host#1 (Infographic) How to Get the Most out of Your DNS Host

Are you asking the right questions from your DNS hosting provider? Learn the do’s and dont’s when evaluating existing or new providers.

in-house vs outsourced dns#2 (Infographic) In-House vs. Outsourced DNS

Are you considering moving to a cloud-hosted DNS provider? Or even moving to a hybrid configuration? It’s important to understand the different benefits between in-house and outsourced DNS. In this simple infographic, we break down the pro’s and con’s or each side-by-side so you can choose for yourself.

Expanding Network#3 Q1 Network Expansions Completed

Just a few months after expanding their IP Anycast + network into both Singapore and Amsterdam, DNS Made Easy announces that they’ve successfully completed all of their first quarter expansions.

letter from DNS Made Easy's president#4 Open Letter from our President: DNS Outages

President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job responds to clients’ concerns during the aftermath of the October 21st outage that brought down another DNS provider.


7 Tips to Boost Your Site's Performance#5 Top 7 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Performance

Our top tips for how you can improve your site’s visibility (SEO), performance, global availability, and more.

geodude#6 4 Things We Can Learn from Pokemon Go Server Issues

The biggest game of the year taught us some very important lessons (the hard way…) about scaling up infrastructure, embracing the cloud, and how to maintain transparency when everything goes wrong.

DNS Failover from DNS Made Easy Saves Millions#7 (Infographic) Failover Saved Clients $525 Million Q1 2016

DNS Failover has been a tried and true way to maintain uptime even if your primary IP is unavailable. During the first quarter, we were able to extrapolate the number of Failover events from all of our clients and figure out how much revenue was saved.

IT Loves RTS#8 Top 5 Reasons IT Loves RTS

Real-Time Stats (RTS) has a lot of suitors this year hailing from IT departments all over the world. So why are all these DNS geeks fawning over RTS? We’ve sent in Cupid to find the top 5 reasons why.

#9 Increase Your Conversions with DNS

Page load times will make or break a site. Did you know that a good chunk of your load time (especially on mobile devices) is taken up by DNS lookups? Optimize your DNS and boost your conversions in just a few steps.

big data matrix#10 The Future of Big Data and DNS Analytics

Recent advancements in big data have propelled DNS management into a new age. The secret sauce behind these new tools is how they are taking advantage of massive amounts of data that was previously overlooked because it was too much information to analyze—Big Data.

Honorable Mention

DNS for newbies ebookWhat is DNS, How Does It Work, and Why is It Important?

If you’re new to DNS, want to learn more, or just curious about how the basics of the Internet work… this is the article for you. If you want to learn even more then download our free eBook: DNS for Newbies, Experts, and Everyone in Between.

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