October 4, 2013

Twitter Files for IPO

Big news with Twitter. The much anticipated move happened yesterday – they filed for their IPO. Since the company went public, they had to disclose their financial information. Turns out, the company is losing net income, something TechCrunch mapped out in a nifty chart and compared it to Facebook. And we should expect to see more comparisons between Twitter and Facebook in the next few weeks and months, as it remains to be seen how Twitter will do as a publicly traded company. As many recall, Facebook had a stunningly bad moment when it first went public. However, the company has made up for those losses.

Twitter hopes to raise $1 billion, and estimates that from late June it has close to 220 million active users.

The company’s ticker is TWTR.

And of course, Twitter going public had to be announced on Twitter. Here’s the screenshot of the announcement in early September, after their filing:


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