According to a recent article in Wired, the U.S. Government is moving its data to cloud computing storage systems. As the article aptly points out, when it comes to private industry, it is no surprise that cloud computing companies are enjoying an influx in corporate customer demand. Indeed, when it comes to the private sector, cloud computing is expected to continue growing exponentially over the coming years. But private industry, as it turns, isn’t alone. The government has realized the power of using cloud computing, too.

A number of government agencies and military branches moved quite quickly to cloud computing. Early adopters included the U.S. Army, Air Force, the Department of Education, DOJ, and USDA. The government is shifting to cloud computing services for good reason – it helps them offer improved services to citizens. Since a lot of the data is classified documents, the government has implemented stringent protective measures to ensure that information is not threatened by outsiders and insiders alike.

IBM will be hosting the Federal Cloud Innovation Forum on October 3rd at the Willard Hotel to discuss ways in which cloud computing is changing the government. For additional information about this conference and to registrar, visit here.