The arguments in favor of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) have been well-rehearsed in recent years. The flexibility, agility, and low initial investment costs that cloud-based infrastructure brings to startups and businesses of all sizes are universally acknowledged. However, the benefits of managed DNS hosting have tended to be drowned out by the prominence of infrastructure as a service stars like virtualized computing instances and cloud storage. This is unfortunate, because many businesses, small and large, could benefit from managed DNS hosting.

When deciding on infrastructure provisioning for a business, Domain Name Services should have the same importance as aspects like storage and web hosting, because the domain name system is the crucial connection between users and a business. The benefits of having sites and applications running on optimized and powerful infrastructure can be severely degraded if they are served by an inadequate, latency-causing, and down-time prone domain name service.

The benefits of choosing a dedicated DNS hosting service are manifold, but there are several that should be emphasized so that responsible businesses can make the best decision before they commit to using a service that may not be sufficiently robust, stable, and reliable.

Complete Control

Web hosts use their more advanced domain name service features for up-selling, or simply neglect to provide interfaces that give the necessary level of control to businesses. That’s because they operate in a low-margin, volume-based industry where many of their clients are purely focused on hosting and need only rudimentary control over their domain name records.

For enterprise clients, particularly those that depend on providing the best experience for users across the globe, control over their DNS records is crucial, especially as business infrastructure needs to scale smoothly.


There are specific security concerns related to DNS. Designing and building networks that are able to handle the attacks that DNS servers regularly face takes a degree of knowledge and technical expertise that can be best found in those service providers that are dedicated to DNS hosting. The best DNS talent is recruited by DNS hosts, so clients can always be sure that the finest minds in the business are focused on making sure that the link between their site and the wider world is not broken by security breaches.

Low Latency

Providers of managed DNS hosting focus on doing a small number of things extremely well: foremost among them is making sure that wherever in the world a user is, when they enter a site’s URL into their browser, they will be directed to that site in the fastest possible time with the smallest likelihood of failure. Having an international network with multiple bandwidth providers, redundant servers with failovers and load-balancing, with IP AnyCast at the heart of the network is the best way to achieve those goals.

Rapid Propagation of DNS Records

When changes are made to DNS records, it can take a long time for them to propagate throughout the system. Some hosts won’t promise complete propagation in a period less than 48 hours. Managed DNS hosting providers with a global DNS network are able to implement systems like DNS Made Easy’s Peregrine Instant DNS Update, ensure that changes are propagated through the network far more rapidly than they would be for services that rely on a couple of DNS servers in one location.