Do you want to wait for an online disaster, like some sort of massive outage that hurts your business, your brand, and your revenue? Or do you want to be proactive and prepared for the worst? If we’re talking about something that will tarnish your business, denigrate your brand, and hurt your revenue, the answers seem more than obvious, don’t they? While we’re happy to find that our new clients are using Secondary DNS services, not everyone is choosing to act so wisely. But we’ll leave it at that, and share the good stuff now about our latest sales statistics, and praise our savvy clients who have chosen to use DNS Made Easy’s DNS Secondary Services.

So, as just mentioned, over here at DNS Made Easy, we discovered from sales statistics a significant increase in the adoption of our Secondary DNS services. In fact, we were happy to find that secondary services have grown by a whopping 87% over the same period of time from the previous year.

How did we learn about this increase? We surveyed our fabulous new clients, the ones who have just begun using our DNS Secondary Service, and were delighted to find that 3 out of 4 companies have chosen to use DNS Made Easy reactively in response to recent DNS outages. We also learned that most clients had suffered between 4 and 18 hours of downtime as a direct result of their primary DNS services going haywire and, well, malfunctioning. Nobody wants that! Moreover, that is an astonishingly high number of businesses that are putting their productivity and, most importantly, their profits as well as brands at risk. And who wants to hurt their profits and their brand? Again, nobody in her right mind wants that! If you don’t have email communication and you are dealing with downed websites, the consequences can have a dire impact on your business, regardless of your size.

Users surveyed estimated that their average cost of downtime during these DNS outages resulted in millions of dollars lost in revenue per hour. This type of revenue loss is totally unnecessary. Furthermore, many businesses try to make up for the problem when it’s already too late. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable, secondary DNS service, such as DNS Made Easy. This will save you the agony of losing hard earned revenue and the reputation of your brand.

The survey also found that companies that suffered from DNS outages were relying on inferior products and features, such as DNS offered by their registrars of low quality DNS services offered by webshosting companies.

Here’s a tip for business owners: if you fail to do your research to verify the network of the company that offered DNS services, you shouldn’t be surprised if the services you paid for end up going down or malfunctioning. This is, alas, about doing your due diligence and verifying the network of that company before purchasing the service(s).

Not only have companies chosen to use DNS Made Easy for secondary DNS, but many have chosen to eventually move to DNS Made Easy’s managed services, where they are also able to take full advantage of the automatic DNS Failover Service and System Monitoring. Opting for these services increases the uptime of their website and other online services.

Secondary DNS, a redundant name service for web domains, works by hosting fully functional copies of a website on separate networks to prevent downtime. This ensures that if a website’s primary server fails, DNS Made Easy can continue to resolve DNS queries.

So, really, are you willing to risk your brand and lose revenue, when it can be averted so easily? Knowing about the security behind Secondary DNS, I know how I’d answer that question . . .