Over at TechCrunch, Matt Burns basically tells Apple: bring it on. Roll out the Apple Watch, ‘cuz the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch has filled him with consumer love. Burns wrote, “I’m sold. One picture did it.” While he’s not going to buy it, his “inner nerd really wants it.” Burns then goes into great detail describing the new watch. Of course, he’s not the only one talking about this new gadget. Numerous outlets, including CNN and Wired, featured articles today about the new device. The watch, of course, works in harmony with tablets and Samsung Galaxy phones. (The watch will be available for purchase on September 25th, retailing at $299). 

But here’s the question, I guess. Do people even wear watches anymore? (Apparently, these things are quite popular, so apparently people do continue to wear wristwatches). Anyway,  when it comes to this particular watch, it seems like a lot of folks in the tech world are drooling over it. After all, it does have pretty cool sounding features. Besides being in sync with your tablet and Samsung Galaxy phone, here are a few other features that might entice consumers to buy the watch:

– Users can make hand-free calls from the Galaxy Gear

– The Galaxy Gear will make voice activated calls (sounds like a device for James Bond!)

– The watch has a “point your wrist and shoot” option for photos and videos

– 70 apps will be available

Finally, Pranav Mistry, Director of Research at Samsung electronics, provided a teaser, saying the company designed “something out of sci-fi.”

Do you want to buy this watch? Yes or no?