October 15, 2013

Yahoo! Gobbles Up Bread

Alan Chan, CEO of Bread, a URL-shortening service, just announced that Yahoo! has taken over the company.

In a company statement on October 11th, Chan explained the reason for why the company sold itself to Yahoo! (aside from obvious the reason), “In Yahoo, we found a company that shares our vision. We are thrilled to join Yahoo’s advertising team in Sunnyvale where we will be working on developing next-generation solutions for social and mobile publishers and advertisers.”

Chan also suggested that current users of Bread use the URL-shortening service Bit.ly. However, Chan did say that Bread links that their publishers created in the past will be supported for the next 30 days (until November 11th).

In addition, Chan said that Bread Oven and Bread Social, apparently their main products, will no longer be available.

Apparently, Bread looked quite yummy to Yahoo!, so it had to be gobbled up.