Zombies & DNS 101

What’s your number one concern when it comes to an impending zombie infestation? Stock up on weapons, food, prepare a shelter, and seek out a vaccine… all great answers, except you’re missing out on the most important one of all. One so big it could determine whether or not the world could recover from such a devastating attack… We’re talking about DNS management of course, the glue that holds the internet together.

Say a horde of zombies attacks the US tomorrow, infects a bunch of engineers at a data center, who then mistake the server racks for brains… what would happen to DNS Made Easy users in the States? Would they just up and lose connectivity to local clients? Furthermore, how would customers in other countries access US websites?

All these questions and more will be answer through this 3 part course where you’ll learn exactly how the DNSME network helps users prepare, defend, and recover from zombie attacks.

How to Prepare for an Attack

The zombies are coming! Rather than load your shotgun or dig a moat around your house, why don’t you learn a little more about how you can prepare your domains to avoid failure. With just a little time spent configuring your contingency plan, you can guarantee 100% uptime for your site.

How do you prepare for the seemingly impossible when it comes to managing your DNS? First of all, it helps to rely on a 3rd party infrastructure which has multiple layers of redundancy, rather than hosting your own in-house. This also minimizes the number of steps you have to take to prepare for an attack, it’s typically cheaper, and more reliable.

DNS Failover

What happens when the zombies invade your main base of operations? Do you stay and try to defend your territory, or move to your backup headquarters where the zombies won’t know where to find you? With DNS Failover we can eliminate the stress of having to defend against an attack. By preconfiguring this feature ahead of time, our servers automatically move your query traffic from your original domain over to your backup IP address. All of this is done beforehand, so when the attack begins your users won’t even notice that your domain has been moved to a new IP.

Peregrine Instant DNS Updates

This is all made possible through the use of Peregrine Instant Updates which propagate your query traffic instantly over to the new IP address. It’s the difference between having a bicycle and a Camaro as your getaway car. Why have to work harder and cause latencies for your end-users when you can automatically and instantly get from A to B with a flaming fast Camaro?

Secondary DNS

Every good actor has a body double to take the heat whenever they aren’t up to taking a blow. When the zombies come, it’ll be very handy to have a backup DNS network ready to host your domain just in case your original one gets their brains devoured. Secondary DNS is like having your site’s very own body double that’s a carbon copy of your original domain. Whenever your original DNS server goes down, DNSME servers jump in and take over query traffic with no appreciable affects to end users.