If you’re currently under attack, stop reading… there’s just no hope for you anymore.

To actually survive and prosper after a zombie attack, you have to take the necessary steps ahead of time to prepare (see Zombies 101), and have the right tools to defend against an attack. Acquiring these tools is easy when you partner with DNS Made Easy, because all the essentials are included without any additional charge. Especially when it comes to fending off an attack, you need to have the right tools preconfigured for monitoring and analysis so that when the attack comes, you already know what kind of attack it is, and how you’re going to defend yourself.

Real-Time Stats

Real-Time Stats (RTS) are your number one tool when trying to anticipate, defend against, and even fight off an attack. RTS is a proprietary tool that allows you to visualize your query traffic in real time, in multiple views, at every name server, and it’s extremely simple to use.

If you’ve been monitoring the attack, but haven’t been able to stave it off, then RTS is a crucial tool for both defending and attacking. See exactly which locations are being overloaded by hordes of zombies and get the intelligence you need to redirect traffic accordingly so your domain never goes down.

IP Anycast+ Self-Healing Network

Last minute repairs or even trying to fix damages during an attack are nearly impossible when you’re facing a massive attack. Not only that, but how do you have time to assign someone to repairs when you’re still trying to protect what hasn’t been damaged yet?

With our IP Anycast+ network, you never have to worry about damages because our network is self-healing. Even if the zombies somehow manage to take down an entire PoP (point of presence) our network will automatically reroute traffic to balance the load. This technology is how we can ensure every user 100% uptime, and how we’ve maintained our 13 years 100% uptime history.

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