How DNS Made Easy is so easy

If DNS Made Easy is so easy (for lack of a better word), we should be able to explain in a minute or less, right? Start your timers… now!

Your domain is just a name until you point it to website content. All you have to do is create a DNS record that points your domain to your website content....

what is DNS failover

Failover has been the cornerstone of DNS Made Easy’s routing services for nearly a decade now. Even all these years later, DNS Made Easy still processes thousands of Failover events a day.

Failover is a powerful yet simple tool that allows you to change the IP or hostname your traffic is pointed to in the event your primary endpoint is downed....

DNS traffic monitoring
Hey DNS Coach,
Why is it important to monitor DNS performance?
How do I improve DNS performance with monitoring?

By this point, I’m assuming you’ve already made the decision to use a DNS management service. If you haven’t, then you may want to look at some of our other blogs about why you should outsource your DNS to a cloud DNS provider.....

There are many security measures that your domain needs to pass in order for your emails to reach your clients’ inboxes. Reverse DNS is the biggest deliverability killer, as almost all mail servers use this method to verify incoming domains. ...

IP Anycast Thumb

DNS Coach is back for a special edition INFOGRAPHIC!

Ever wondered how our IP Anycast+ network defends itself from a DDoS attack? Ponder no more!


And of course, if you want more information and get an inside look at the even more technical aspects of our network check out our new White Paper: DNS Security Benefits of an IP Anycast+ Provider for free...