secondary dns webinar

This week DNS Made Easy hosted a widely viewed webinar explaining the benefits of adding a Secondary DNS provider. In light of recent attacks on DNS providers, Secondary DNS has become a necessity for businesses that require 100% availability.

Topics discussed:

  • The Basics of Secondary DNS
  • What you Probably Didn’t Know
    • Performance Benefits
  • Misconceptions
  • Variations of Secondary DNS
    • Primary / Secondary
    • Hidden Primary
    • Primary / Primary
  • Choosing a Secondary DNS Provider
  • Q & A

This kind of configuration became popular in the weeks following widespread DNS outages due to a major provider being downed by a DDoS attack....

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DNS Made Easy Webinar

Get an inside look at Constellix DNS in our exclusive webinar for DNS Made Easy members. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to take Constellix DNS on a free test drive with your DNS Made Easy membership while our services are still in Beta....

DNS Made Easy Sales Brochure

Want to learn more about the most reliable DNS provider in the industry? Check out our quick overview of DNS Made Easy’s features, benefits, and custom-tailored membership plans.

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DNS Made Easy Client Success Stories

Our clients are sharing their stories about how DNS Made Easy has simplified their everyday DNS needs. Download the presentation or view it on Slideshare to see why DNS Made Easy is the right choice for over 600,000 users worldwide.

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