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DNS Made Easy invests more in their services by rebuilding their instant DNS update engine, Peregrine Instant DNS Updates, to be even faster and more reliable....

Reston, VA, July 15, 2013 – DNS Made Easy, the leading provider of anycast managed domain name hosting, have reaffirmed their long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility with the announcement that they will be donating a percentage of this year’s profits to a range of charities chosen by their clients.

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Reston, VA, April 2, 2013 – DNS Made Easy, the leading provider of anycast managed DNS hosting, has requested that all responsible members of the Internet community make a concerted effort to close down the open DNS recursive resolvers that are frequently used for packet amplification distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

An open DNS resolver is a server that accepts Domain Name Service requests from clients outside of its administrative domain, meaning that any machine connected to the Internet can make a DNS request of these resolvers. The originating IP of the request can be spoofed so that responses are sent to the attack’s target rather than the originator of the request.

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DNS Made Easy the industry’s leading IP Anycast DNS provider, announced the release of ANAME records. ANAME records are exclusive to DNS Made Easy and are useful as an alternative to CNAME records. This industry leading technology is another step that shows why more clients make DNS Made Easy their preferred choice to over-priced and underperforming alternatives in the enterprise IP Anycast market.

CNAME records, or alias records, are used by DNS administrators to easily map names within their domain to other fully qualified domain names. The advantage of the CNAME record is that no knowledge of the IP address(es) associated with the target fully qualified domain name is required.

“Unfortunately the capabilities of CNAMEs did not come without sacrifice,” explained David Miller, CTO of DNS Made Easy. “CNAME records cannot legally be created for the apex or root record of a domain. CNAME records must be unique; as such, users are not able to create additional records of different types (i.e. TXT, MX, etc.) at the same name. The uniqueness requirement also prevents the use of CNAME records in a round robin configuration. Finally, CNAME records can cause slower DNS resolution since they generally require at least a double DNS lookup. DNS Made Easy is committed to raising the bar in the industry as a whole, and we knew there had to be a better way. As a result, we designed one.”

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DNS Made Easy (dnsmadeeasy.com), the leading IP Anycast managed DNS service provider, announced the production release of DNS Made Easy API 2.0 today. This version brings a number of additional features to the DNS Made Easy RESTful API previously only available through the DNS Made Easy control panel. API version 2.0 builds on core functionality from the first API release by adding access and modification calls for DNS Failover and System Monitoring records, query usage, and domain templates.

Users of the DNS Made Easy API can now enable DNS Failover and System Monitoring on A records, as well as configure and view DNS Failover and System Monitoring settings on A records under one or more domains. DNS Failover and System Monitoring is an add-on service to the DNS Made Easy Managed DNS service designed to increase redundancy of end systems.

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