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DNS Coach is back for a special edition INFOGRAPHIC!

Ever wondered how our IP Anycast+ network defends itself from a DDoS attack? Ponder no more!


And of course, if you want more information and get an inside look at the even more technical aspects of our network check out our new White Paper: DNS Security Benefits of an IP Anycast+ Provider for free

DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, and is a world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services.
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Make or Break your SEO Ranks with DNS

When you change over your web or DNS host, your SEO could suffer longstanding damages that take weeks or months to repair. When admins switch over webhosts, site traffic is redirected to the new site. However, this process can take over 24 hours to complete and in most cases traffic is lost due to faulty redirection or inadequate DNS services.

Resolution Speed

Dear DNS Coach,

What’s with the hype about Resolution Speeds?

Resolution speeds have become one of the core factors in determining the strength and efficiency of a DNS provider. Keep in mind though, speed isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to evaluating providers.

failover, round robin, dns, weighted round robin, global traffic director

Dear DNS Coach,

How else can you increase redundancy with Failover? Are there any integrations?

DNS Made Easy’s Failover response system can actually be configured with Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin, and the Global Traffic Director:

  • Round Robin creates multiple A records with the same name, but with different IP addresses.
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DNS Coach

Dear DNS Coach,

“What is DNS Failover and how will it actually help me?”

In this special edition of DNS Coach, we decided to answer your questions with something we think is more informational than justĀ tellingĀ you. Failover is a crucial part of maintaining 100% uptime, so pay close attention because without Failover, you won’t have a backup plan!