Risks of using your registrar's DNS hosting services

DNS Made Easy, the industry leader for speed and reliability, has launched a new initiative that seeks to educate IT professionals and site owners on the risks of using a domain registrar’s DNS hosting services.

In the past, DNS Made Easy has pushed initiatives seeking to increase redundancy for hosting services, like a secondary DNS hosting provider....

risks of using your registrar's DNS hosting

Before we jump into the meat of this article, let’s first make sure we all understand the difference between DNS hosting and registration.


(skip if you understand how DNS and web hosting work)

When you buy a domain name, you will purchase it from a DNS registrar....

DNS Made Easy Fastest DNS Provider

DNS Made Easy was ranked the fastest DNS provider for the seventh consecutive month and 21st time in the past five years. This month also marked a historical moment for the company, as their average monthly speed was able to break the two-millisecond barrier with unprecedented 1.97 ms average response times....

DNS traffic monitoring
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By this point, I’m assuming you’ve already made the decision to use a DNS management service. If you haven’t, then you may want to look at some of our other blogs about why you should outsource your DNS to a cloud DNS provider.....

First quarter growth

DNS Made Easy, the industry leader for speed and reliability, announces a positive start to 2017 with 30% growth year over year. President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job attributes the company’s first quarter successes to increased adoption of Secondary DNS and improved network performance....