DNS Made Easy Fastest Overall DNS Provider in 2016

Third party network-monitoring firm, SolveDNS, ranked DNS Made Easy as the fastest DNS provider for the majority of 2016.

Tiggee subsidiary, DNS Made Easy was the overall industry leader for speed in 2016, according to third party network monitoring firm SolveDNS....

How do I change my DNS records to point to a web host?
I’m changing CDN services, how do I update my DNS records?
How do I transfer my domain to a different DNS host?
If I change a record, will there be any downtime?

Our support team answers questions like these on a daily basis, but the more important question is how do you change these records safely....

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a DNS host and domain registrar?
Should I use the DNS hosting from where I registered my domain?
If I buy a domain name, does it come with hosting?
My registrar says my site is hosted on your DNS hosting service....

CAA Records from DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy announces the addition of CAA records, which work with certification authorities to improve the security of domains.

Tiggee subsidiary, DNS Made Easy, announces support for CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization) records, which can improve the security of domains during the certification process....

DNS Made Easy Ranked Fastest Provider Six Months in a Row by Third Party Network Monitoring Firm

DNS Made Easy was ranked the fastest DNS provider for the sixth consecutive month by third party monitoring service, SolveDNS. The firm also ranked DNS Made Easy as the third largest for market share. DNS Made Easy engineers attribute their ability to remain the fastest provider to their consistent improvements to their global infrastructure....