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To prepare ecommerce businesses for the holiday shopping season, DNS Made Easy is educating business owners on how to create a “what if” plan for their DNS services. Recent outages among major online businesses has sparked the conversation for added security, however DNS Made Easy strives to shift the focus towards the back-end of websites such as DNS Failover and Secondary DNS.

(Reston, VA—PRWEB) It’s about to be crunch time for businesses who aren’t ready for the holiday rush. Black Friday is only 43 business days away, but not enough business owners are asking “what if.” Most online retailers focus heavily on the front-end content of their website, neglecting to update or tweak the back-end. This has proved to be one of the major reasons causing outages, because the dated back-end can’t support heavy traffic to the front-end. DNS Made Easy has developed an initiative to help businesses understand the different causes of these outages, and develop comprehensive “what if” plans to effectively respond to the unexpected.

In recent years, DNS Made Easy has prepared yearly guides to help businesses secure their DNS through Failover Services and other backend provisions. However this year, the possibility of an outage seems more real following recent outages among Alexa top 100 ranked websites. Facebook recently went down twice in one week, with one outage lasting over half an hour. Currently Facebook is ranked second place on Alexa, boasting one billion users. “If a renowned company like Facebook can incur multiple outages a month, then no business of any size should ever rule out the possibility,” says President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job.

While Facebook has yet to explain the cause of the outage, there have been many other outages among top rank companies just in the last few months. This past spring, the Apple store was downed for over 12 hours, resulting in the loss of $32 million dollars. “When weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your DNS to a reliable provider, consider the thousands or millions in revenue that you could lose if your service becomes unavailable,” suggests Job. These record setting outages have prompted DNS Made Easy engineers to reach out to the business community and educate administrators on how they can avoid becoming another statistics like Facebook or Apple.

The DNS Made Easy solution is simple, integrate additional layers of redundancy into your businesses’ network. This can be done many ways, the most effective of which is to outsource DNS services to a reliable provider who can host businesses’ websites on thousands of name servers around the world. Most providers come with additional services such as DNS Failover, which automatically redirects traffic to an alternate IP address in the event of an outage. Another service which has become increasingly popular after the recent outages is Secondary DNS. This services allows businesses to host their website through both a primary provider and a secondary provider, exponentially increasing layers of redundancy.

To learn more about creating your DNS “what if” plan, check out DNS Made Easy’s complete list of services.


About DNS Made Easy:

DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, and is a world leader in providing global IP Anycast+ enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent Anycast cloud architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. Originally launched in 2002, DNS Made Easy’s services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 15 billion queries per day. Today, DNS Made Easy builds on a proud history of uptime and is the preferred DNS hosting choice for most major brands, especially companies that compare price and performance of enterprise IP Anycast alternatives.