Constellix DNS Launches in Beta and Provides a Superior Avenue to Traffic Management

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Constellix DNS is now live and already breaking the boundaries of typical DNS and traffic management capabilities. The revolutionary launch is available to DNS Made Easy clients and offers many advanced DNS configurations not found among any other service of its kind.

Constellix DNS is a new traffic management solution birthed from the ideas and vision of the same administrators that managed DNS Made Easy for the past 13 years. The same administrators successfully created the fastest performing and most reliable IP Anycast DNS service thousands of organizations have relied on for superior service.

“Constellix DNS was designed to offer the most accurate and precise level of DNS configurations in the world,” said Steven Job, president of DNS Made Easy, which has a 14-year leading up time, the best in the industry. “No other IP Anycast DNS service allows for this unbelievable level of configuration for the end user.”

Constellix Sonar, which launched in 2014, was the first part of revolutionary full-traffic management suite of services designed to ensure optimized performance for end users. The Constellix Sonar system provides analysis of a site’s performance and helps pinpoint areas of improvement.

Constellix DNS is the final piece of the traffic management suite. This service is designed to provide the accurate and detailed traffic management to better the end-user experience based on the results received from Constellix Sonar.

The Constellix suite of services is managed and architected by infrastructure specialists, the same industry experts that have created solutions that pave the way to success and performance for clients. DNS Made Easy, the leading IP enterprise anycast DNS service in the world, system administrators worked directly with software development teams from parent company, Tiggee, to develop customized DNS software to meet the performance and feature demands of today and beyond.

“These are features our clients have asked for,” Job said. “It’s unique to any solution out in the market today and we are excited to offer this to the thousands of clients that already rely on our services.”

Currently, Constellix DNS name servers are in five Points of Presence (PoP) during beta use, but the company has plans to expand into PoPs worldwide before the final production launch.

A growing list of features sets Constellix DNS apart and proves it is the most advanced DNS solution of its kind. Some of these features include:

Global Traffic Director (GTD):
Originally designed for DNS Made Easy, the company is extending this great functionality to Constellix. This will allow clients to specify unique zone configurations on particular regions of the world providing the highest level of accuracy for custom DNS answers. GTD configurations applied to any DNS record type. The GTD services offered by DNS Made Easy are the most accurate geo-DNS service available to users in the world today.

GeoIP Services:
The ability to match queries specific queries to an IP / City / Region / Network lookup service providing you with the highest level of granularity and power in the world today. GeoIP Services (GeoIP Filter and GeoIP Proximity can be applied to A, CNAME, and AAAA records). Specify IPs by network, region, city or proximity to a company’s servers. Combined with the GTD service Constellix offers an industry first in accurate and powerful traffic management. There is no other service in the world that offers this level of accurate traffic management.

Advanced DDoS Protection & Alerting:
Constellix DNS provides an internal reporting methodology to immediately block abusive hosts designed to harm and cause damage to the Constellix network of servers. Rest assured a company’s DNS will always stay 100% operational and functioning behind this powerful protection layer.

Weighted Round Robin A, AAA and CNAME Name Records:
This feature allows users to specify unequal weights of their round robin A, AAA and CNAME records with “Constellix DNS Pools.” The Constellix Pool management is an industry first to provide full site failover.

Round Robin CNAME records:
Bundling in with the Constellix Pools, clients have the ability to create round robin CNAME records.

Constellix reaches across multiple, global systems including data systems, cloud services, content delivery networks and more to provide information and service to keep businesses online and optimized at all times.

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DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, and is a world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services.