Constellix Sonar Provides a Collection of New Features to Benefit Users

Originally published on PR Web:

The revolutionary monitoring services adds elite services available only to Constellix Sonar clients

The demand for an enterprise monitoring system has been met with the elite platform called Constellix Sonar. Constellix Sonar, the innovative enterprise monitoring service created by the creators of DNS Made Easy, adds new functionality to their successful beta.

Constellix Sonar is a suite of traffic management tools designed to provide a detailed health analysis of server and network infrastructure unlike any product available in the industry today. The system has integrated tools that offer a range of advanced features including performance optimization, troubleshooting, real-time logging, and alert management.

“The system offers a superior graphical framework that is highly interactive and allows the user to easily select and see a specific region of interest,” said Steven Job, President of Tiggee. “Our engineers here at Tiggee have been working for years on this platform to monitor the hundreds of name servers used in DNS Made Easy worldwide IP Anycast+ network, and now we are able to share it with the public.”

DNS Made Easy is the world’s leading providers for enterprise DNS services.

Constellix Sonar collects data that can give the user a simple and easy-to-understand summary of information. Every hour of data is collected and then supplied to the user to select summary stats, stats per region and row data. Users are able to create as many checks, contacts, and group as they wish.

Everything is controlled from a highly interactive dashboard that allows users to filter, highlight and select data to derive insight. The dashboard provides regional averages, a 10-hour aggregated average per location and a one-week aggregated average per location. This average provides a better statistical summary to identify areas are performing better.

Some of the new features that are now offered in the Constellix Sonar monitoring suites are:

Summary stats page:
An easy to view reviews of your stats for your particular check. Each region is plotted on the first page. Then there is a breakdown average collected during a 10 period. The final plot is a seven-day result breakdown, aggregated by day.

Real time per region:
Constellix supports six major regions: North America East, North America Central, North America West, Europe, Asia Pacific and Oceania. Users can select one or more regions and the system will perform the check from the specified regions and notify when a fail is detected. Region-specific checks are the best way for administrators to see real time regional specific monitors.

Constellix Sonar requires users to pick a region to view raw data, and information from that specific region will be tallied for review. The plot will have the last six hours of row data displayed. This way, users can monitor us monitoring them!

Row data displays:
A row data tab will display the row data collected by location, but will allow users to pick an hourly aggregate. The row data page will also include sorting, filtering and pagination. The page will also allow users to download the row data or the hourly aggregate.

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) integration:
Constellix Sonar fully supports IPV6 from all its monitor nodes around the world. Users can create checks that will verify their systems over IPv6. Users can also run ad-hoc trace routes over IPv6 to check their system routes.

Role-based contacts:
Constellix Sonar allows users to group notification contacts by roles (devops, sysops, admins, etc.) and assigns the roles to checks. This feature allows users to easily manage their contacts and associate roles to checks. When a check event happens, the system will only contact the users in the specific roles. Users are also allowed to associate checks to none, one or all roles.

Schedule aware notification:
Constellix Sonar allows users to specify schedules to notification contacts. When there is a schedule associated with the notification contact, the system will only notify the contact if the event happens in the contacts schedule window.

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