DNS Made Easy: Number One, 5 months in a row

Originally published on PR Web: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/05/prweb11867853.htm


Based upon feedback provided by thousands of Constellix Sonar beta users, Tiggee LLC releases heavily sought-after features to further the development of a complete system monitoring and traffic optimization tool.

Constellix Sonar is leading the industry for system monitoring and traffic optimization service. The new service, by Tiggee LLC, the creators of DNS Made Easy, is a full-traffic management and optimization service designed to fit the needs of team collaboration suite to ensure optimized performance for end users.

Constellix Sonar is currently in beta testing but has recently unleashed a host of new features. These integrated tools offer a range of advanced features including performance optimization, troubleshooting, real-time logging, and alert management.

New features recently released by Constellix Sonar include:

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) 
Constellix Sonar now fully supports IPV6 from all its monitor nodes around the world. Users can create checks that will verify their systems over IPv6. Users can also run ad-hoc trace routes over IPv6 to check their system routes.

Region-specific checks 
Constellix Sonar now allows users to pick specific regions to indicate where the checks should be performed. Currently Constellix Sonar supports six major regions: North America East, North America Central, North America West, Europe, Asia Pacific and Oceania. Users can select one or more regions and the system will perform the check from the specified regions and notify when a fail is detected. Region-specific checks are the best way for administrators to see real time regional specific monitors.

Role-based contacts 
Constellix Sonar allows users to group notification contacts by roles (devops, sysops, admins, etc.) and assigns the roles to checks. This new feature allows users to easily manage their contacts and associate roles to checks. When a check event happens, the system will only contact the users in the specific roles. Users are also allowed to associate checks to none, one or all roles.

Schedule aware notification 
Constellix Sonar allows users to specify schedules to notification contacts. When there is a schedule associated with the notification contact, the system will only notify the contact if the event happens in the contacts schedule window.

“I always needed a way to monitor the services on my network,” said Joe Sheldon, a beta Constellix Sonar user. “The system sends me a text message if any of my services go down. I look forward to the new options as they are added.”

Included in the Constellix Sonar suite is a complete monitor, detect, and correct solution, which Tiggee expects will make great strides in how cloud services are monitored and maintained in the future.

“The demand for an enterprise monitoring system is growing,” said Steven Job, president of Tiggee. “Our engineers have been using this monitoring system for years, and now we are able to share it with the public.”

The team at Tiggee spent millions of dollars in research and development to create Constellix Sonar. Engineers used recommendations based on 12 years of client feedback on how other monitoring services have failed to meet industry requirements.

Constellix was created by the same engineers that designed DNS Made Easy, a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC. DNS Made Easy is the industry’s fastest, most reliable DNS networks in the world. DNS Made Easy provides services to a diverse list of clientele ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

DNS Made Easy’s global network is renown in the industry for its unparalleled network speed and redundancy tested and verified by many third parties sources. One such third party, Solve DNS, has ranked DNS Made Easy as the fastest enterprise IP Anycast+ provider for the past five months straight.

The Constellix tools directly contribute to the success of the world’s number one DNS service. Now, this system can also benefit other clients and system administrators worldwide.