DNS Made Easy, the world leader in enterprise IP anycast DNS services, announced their Q3 2012 plans for network expansion. Already the premier network for DNS management, DNS Made Easy is further investing in their global infrastructure by making additional upgrades to their IP anycast network. Following up with their Q2 2012 network expansions, DNS Made Easy has reconfirmed their plans to remain the DNS leader with continued network expansion into the third quarter of 2012. DNS Made Easy claims that this continuous drive to service perfection is one of the many reasons that clients make DNS Made Easy their preferred choice to over-priced and under performing alternatives in the enterprise IP anycast market.

DNS Made Easy offers a unique authoritative DNS solution compared to many competing enterprise DNS services in that they fully manage and own their own network and equipment, directly handle collocation contracts, hardware procurement and bandwidth contracts with a number of Tier 1 providers. This is a drastic difference to other DNS service providers that outsource some or all of their network services to other bandwidth carriers or providers. By maintaining strict control over every asset within their network, DNS Made Easy is able to offer services at the highest level of performance and lowest possible cost.

DNS Made Easy has a long history of continually expanding and upgrading their network to increase the reliability, performance, and redundancy of their services. “Our goal at DNS Made Easy is to continue our never-ending commitment of service excellence,” explains Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy. “It is our mission to always stay in front Traffic demands and speed expectation. At DNS Made Easy we are constantly researching potential advances in network and service offerings to remain the leading global enterprise DNS provider.”

More information about DNS Made Easy suite of services is available at http://social.dnsmadeeasy.com

About DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC and is a leader in providing global IP anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent anycast cloud architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. DNS Made Easy originally launched their DNS services and web management portal in 2002 and has grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 5.0 billion queries per day. DNS Made Easy has a proud history of industry leading uptime and ROI since launching their DNS service. DNS Made Easy has been the preferred choice for most brands on the Internet compared to the over-priced and under-performing enterprise IP anycast alternatives.

About Tiggee LLC

Tiggee LLC (tiggee.com) is a privately held company, formed in 1999 to provide innovative internet solutions for businesses. “Putting your business on the Internet is our business.” Tiggee LLC’s subsidiaries include DNS Made Easy (IP anycast enterprise managed DNS services – dnsmadeeasy.com), VPSit (enterprise virtualization environments – vpsit.com), Host Made Easy (dedicated server hosting and co-location services – hostmadeeasy.com), Top Level DNS (TLD name services – topleveldns.com), Resolving Name Server (resolvingnameserver.com), Show My Host (showmyhost.com), Reverse DNS Trace (reversednstrace.com), IPv6 Verify (ipv6verify.com), and Domains Made Easy (domainsmadeeasy.com).