pricing transparency

DNS Made Easy, the world leader in speed, has released a study that enforces the use of a static pricing model and urges the importance of industry-wide pricing transparency.

To help potential clients and other providers in the industry better adapt to this model, our team has conducted a study to determine which pricing model clients preferred: static or dynamic. The study also seeks to bring to light the importance of achieving total transparency with users.

The study was met with an overwhelming response, with a whopping 75% of clients opting for a static pricing model. Respondents explained that a traditional pricing structure seemed fairer to the client and upheld vendor transparency. Sixty percent of survey respondents explained that they felt uneasy using a service that implements a dynamic pricing model because they could be paying more than most other clients.

“The study results have reconfirmed our decision to stand by our fixed pricing. We want every client to know that they are getting the best deal, that’s why we make our pricing publicly available on our website,”

says President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job. DNS Made Easy has been a leader in this approach, opting to not implement a sales department, and instead using a simple three-tiered pricing structure.

Dynamic vs. Static

Businesses that use dynamic pricing usually seek to maximize profits with each customer. That means each customer could be paying different prices depending on how well they can haggle. Sales teams that use this model are often not concerned with getting each client the most ROI. Some sales teams will even use scare tactics or aggressive maneuvers to make a sale.

Potential clients often ask if DNS Made Easy offers discounts or negotiates pricing for services. Job explains that,

“We stand behind our prices, and instead of offering discounts we choose to offer everyone the same pricing. We believe this gives you the best ROI and quality of services because we know we have the most reliable, fastest, and best performing network.”

Increasing Transparency

In recent efforts to increase transparency with clients, DNS Made Easy has stressed the importance of understanding the costs to support their network. In a series of white papers, articles, and infographics about their network, DNS Made Easy engineers have highlighted the lengths they go to when striking partnerships with new providers and facilities. Recent studies have shown that when companies divulge the true cost of services, it eliminates uncertainty and reassures clients. One study, in particular, has shown that this sense of “intimate disclosure” led to a 44% increase in daily unit sales.