Q2 2017 review
June 21, 2017

Q2 2017 Review

Tiggee, the parent company of DNS Made Easy and Constellix, announces a successful second quarter.

“We attribute this quarter’s triumphs to DNS Made Easy continuing to deliver the fastest resolution times in the industry and the launch of our new product, Constellix,” says Founder of Tiggee Steven Job.

For the past nine consecutive months, DNS Made Easy has been ranked the fastest provider in the world according to SolveDNS. DNS Made Easy recently made upgrades to key facilities and added new relationships with tier one providers, which have contributed to its improved performance.

The second biggest contributor to Tiggee’s successes has been the launch of its new traffic management suite, Constellix. Last year, Constellix moved out of beta and offered its services for free. The reasoning behind making Constellix a billable product is discussed at length on its company blog.

Following the launch, Constellix hosted a series of interactive onboarding webinars to help users learn how to use the suite to improve their global performance. Attendees were able to make requests for product demonstrations. The webinars were widely attended by both existing and new users.

During the webinars, many clients expressed interest in learning more about how Constellix can help with cloud migration. Constellix responded by developing a new initiative that seeks to help clients understand the benefits of migrating to a cloud-based DNS provider. The initiative consisted of articles and use cases that outline the methods to move to cloud infrastructure.

DNS Made Easy also lead a new initiative that discourages client from using their registrar’s DNS hosting services. The initiative also addresses the risks of not using a specialized DNS provider. This issue has been the subject of recent news when major hosting services were unavailable for hours at a time.


About Tiggee
Tiggee offers various enterprise solutions to help organizations monitor their critical online infrastructure, prevent downtime, and boost the performance of online applications. Tiggee is the parent company of DNS Made Easy, the DNS industry leader for both speed and uptime. For 15 years, DNS Made Easy has developed revolutionary ways to manage DNS at costs affordable to both enterprise and small businesses. Through DNS Made Easy’s successes, Tiggee was able to launch a new company called Constellix takes seeks to reinvent DNS management for modern demands and the cloud.