DNS Made Easy is unveiling a company-wide initiative aimed at reducing their negative impact on the environment.

DNS Made Easy, the leading IP Anycast managed DNS service provider, today announced its going green initiative that will reduce the company’s total impact on the environment. DNS Made Easy is best known for being the only DNS provider with 100% uptime, but it’s their behind-the-scenes effort to improve the environment that is making headlines now. Since founding in 2002, energy-saving initiatives have always been a part of DNS Made Easy’s business process, but plans are being unveiled to combine these into a single unified green initiative that will be utilized to lower its impact on energy and the environment.

DNS Made Easy uses data centers all over the world, and it’s a well-known fact that these facilities consume significantly more power than traditional building construction. Under the new Green Initiative that DNS Made Easy is implementing, all new DNS Made Easy facilities utilize preferred 208 volt, 3-phase power systems. This power configuration is the most efficient in the data center’s power distribution network. It also requires fewer circuits per cage which means fewer power cables in the floor obstructing air flow, improving overall data center cooling. The option of optimal power choices and conservation technologies are a crucial part of DNS Made Easy’s data center selection process, and they work cooperatively with their data center providers to gain the most efficiency possible. One example is DNS Made Easy’s data center in Frankfurt, Germany, which is powered by Greenpeace power.

With DNS Made Easy’s requirements for high availability and redundancy, many of their servers are idle for considerable periods of time. Under the green initiative established with DNS Made Easy these servers are configured to use as little power as possible until they are needed. This often helps reduce the DNS Made Easy power footprint by as much as 45%.

Beyond the data center selection, DNS Made Easy’s vendor selection process takes into consideration the shipping, packaging, and recycling of packaging materials. In the quest to becoming the most energy-efficient DNS provider in the market, they have chosen to only partner with green-minded companies and work together to ensure a positive impact on the environment. Even down to the smallest actions – recycling cardboard, cans, paper, and glass, as well as requiring all desktop computers to be turned off at the end of the day – DNS Made Easy is taking a corporate responsibility to decrease their carbon footprint on the environment.

“The going green initiative by DNS Made Easy has not just stopped at its data facilities,” said Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy operations. “Steps have also been taken towards making our employees and offices more Earth-friendly as well. Energy efficient motion detection lights are in use in all offices, ensuring that lights are only being used when needed. DNS Made Easy has also given all employees the “Flex Commuting” option, allowing them to drive to and from work at non-peak hours to reduce the amount of time spent sitting traffic, cutting down on emissions and fuel consumption. DNS Made Easy would like to see other vendors in the marketplace to follow suit in our energy saving initiative.”

As an added benefit, some of these energy saving initiatives are beneficial to the company and their clients as well. In many cases energy efficiency actually saves money, which further enables DNS Made Easy to keep the cost of their service well below industry standards. Clients not only feel good about helping to improve the environment, but also get the economical benefit. Going green is a truly beneficial initiative for DNS Made Easy, their clients, and the environment as a whole.