DNS Made Easy, the world leader in IP Anycast DNS services, has seen unprecedented growth over the past eight years. DNS Made Easy management claims that despite the recent economic slowdown and fiscal crisis for many corporations worldwide, they have continued to exceed growth expectations.

Due to the global economic downturn, IT directors have seen their budgets shrink. Switching to DNS Made Easy provides their corporation increased DNS performance while reducing costs. Reallocating budgetary impacts away from DNS while improving performance allows IT directors to make their organizations more competitive and eliminates the need to make cuts in areas that would negatively affect the services that they provide.

DNS Made Easy has maintained this growth trend while continuing to rely on their DNS service to sell itself. DNS Made Easy employs no dedicated sales or marketing staff. Most new DNS Made Easy clients are referred by existing clients. All potential clients are able to set up a 30 day free trial directly through the DNS Made Easy web site without interaction with a salesperson. This trial membership gives access to test drive the full DNS Made Easy IP anycast DNS service. DNS Made Easy’s unconventional sales and marketing strategy allows the company to focus on providing the best possible service and to reinvest a large percentage of revenue into their technical infrastructure.

A recent trend among competitors of DNS Made Easy in the managed DNS industry is an increase in the size of the large dedicated sales staff that they employ. This sort of sales strategy leads to substantial impact on service cost to their customers. DNS Made Easy claims that other DNS providers with large dedicated sales teams must make expenditures to maintain these staff which increase their prices and prevent reinvestment in their technical infrastructure to improve their services.

“At DNS Made Easy we do not have any staff that are dedicated to sales or marketing,” states Steven Job, President of Tiggee, the creators of DNS Made Easy. “Of course some of our staff time is allocated to answering sales related questions from potential clients. However, there are no sales commissions and therefore no economic incentive to up-sell our customers. This allows our staff to honestly evaluate customer requirements and match them with the service set that they require to meet their needs. All staff that answer sales questions also provide technical support and implementation consulting for DNS Made Easy services. This provides all of our staff with a deep technical understanding of our services. Although unconventional in this industry, at DNS Made Easy there are no commissions, no sales parties, no client kick-backs for choosing our brand. Our goal is to maximize our client’s ROI and our service sells itself by allowing corporations to trim the unnecessary costs associated with outsourcing services.”

“Providing services with the highest possible value should be the top priority of any technology company,” stated Steven Job. “Most of our competitors seem to focus on building a sales and marketing team rather than improving their products. Our technique might be unconventional, it may not be flashy, but our services will outperform, out deliver, and have a higher up time than competing services at higher prices. This is what drives our growth, and why so many of our clients refer other clients to our services.”

Because of larger investments into technology and infrastructure, DNS Made Easy has been able to offer many new features and upgrades to their services in the past year with little or no increased cost to customers. These enhancements have included services such as Global Traffic Director, a REST API, and a large investment in many facilities including a new mega POP in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. In addition, during the past year the DNS Made Easy network has seen its fourth evolutionary upgrade. The DNS Made Easy network consists of three independent Anycast clouds for maximum speed and redundancy. Also in the development pipeline is a soon to be released upgraded graphical user interface with many new features and usability improvements. DNS Made Easy believes that these new features and network upgrades will further cement the company as the industry leader for enterprise IP Anycast DNS services.

The ability to grow a user base for over eight straight years without any dedicated sales or marketing staff is something that is completely different from normal enterprise service providers. The unconventional sales strategy used by DNS Made Easy may not work for all potential customers, but has been received as a refreshing change for many clients in the current enterprise DNS marketplace.

About DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC and is a leader in providing global IP anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent anycast cloud architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. DNS Made Easy originally launched their DNS services and web management portal in 2002 and has grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 3.0 billion queries per day. DNS Made Easy has a proud history of 99.9999% DNS uptime and industry leading ROI since launching their DNS service.

About Tiggee LLC

Tiggee LLC is a privately held company, formed in 1999 to provide innovative internet solutions for businesses. “Putting your business on the Internet is our business.” Tiggee LLC’s subsidiaries include DNS Made Easy (IP anycast enterprise managed DNS services – dnsmadeeasy.com), VPSit (enterprise virtualization environments – vpsit.com), Host Made Easy (dedicated server hosting and co-location services – hostmadeeasy.com), Top Level DNS (TLD name services – topleveldns.com), Resolving Name Server (resolvingnameserver.com), Show My Host (showmyhost.com), Reverse DNS Trace (reversednstrace.com), IPv6 Verify (ipv6verify.com), and Domains Made Easy (domainsmadeeasy.com).