October 21, 2010

We’re Expanding, Again!

In Q4 of 2010, DNS Made Easy Will be further expanding their network to increase redundancy.
DNS Made Easy (dnsmadeeasy.com), the world leader in IP Anycast DNS services, reconfirmed the company’s commitment to providing additional network and system capacity to the DNS Made Easy infrastructure for Q4 2010 and Q1 2011. Additional capacity will allow for future growth, prevent service degradation during Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, provide additional redundancy, and increase performance to geographical areas of expansion.

“We have seen DDoS attacks grow in size and duration over the past year, primarily due to the growing size of botnets on the Internet. Companies maintaining an Internet presence or providing Internet services are required to focus on emerging threats to prevent downtime and service degradation,” stated Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy. “DNS Made Easy has nearly a decade of providing enterprise DNS services on a global scale, and has handled a multitude of DDoS attacks, many of which were notable in size and duration. Our Network Operations team is constantly reevaluating Tier 1 transit provider agreements, collocation facilities, and industry security intelligence as well as internal attack data to prevent downtime and provide the highest quality DNS services to our clients.”

Planned network expansion of the DNS Made Easy network includes additional points of presence in Europe, South-East United States, and Mid-West United States for Q4 2010. This expansion will increase the DNS Made Easy global points of presence by 20% and network capacity by at least 20%, and strengthen the DNS Made Easy DNS Defense platform.

“From a network operations perspective, increasing points of presence and network capacity is an important part of maintaining our infrastructure and providing our client base with the peace of mind they have grown accustomed to while relying on the DNS Made Easy infrastructure. My involvement in past attack mitigation makes network capacity expansion an obvious goal. As broadband Internet access is deployed in developing countries, we are seeing an increase in botnet activity across the board and this is certainly something that DNS Made Easy wants to address earlier rather than later,” said David Miller, VP of Network Operations.

Additional points of presence in Chicago and Amsterdam will increase DNS Made Easy’s peering arrangements with a number of Tier 1 Internet providers. Chicago is particularly important to traffic destined for the northern center of the continental U.S. Amsterdam will provide additional redundancy for the DNS Made Easy London points of presence and further increase the infrastructure’s European capacity. As a hub for European Internet traffic, Amsterdam will also provide increased performance for European clients.

DNS Made Easy has already proven to have the best Return on Investment in the industry. The addition of multiple points of presence to an already well established global network will only provide additional ROI for our customer base. “Historically, DNS Made Easy has reinvested as much as 80% of profits back into infrastructure,” said Steven Job. “This is an investment decision that is very atypical in the industry. We believe in providing the best possible infrastructure to insure a continued reputation for best ROI and reliable service.”

About DNS Made Easy
DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC and is a leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy launched their DNS services and web management portal in 2002 and has grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 1 billion queries per day. DNS Made Easy has a proud history of 100% DNS uptime since launching their DNS service.

About Tiggee LLC
Tiggee LLC is a privately held company, formed in 1999 to provide innovative internet solutions for businesses. “Putting your business on the Internet is our business.” Tiggee LLC’s subsidiaries include DNS Made Easy (IP anycast enterprise managed DNS services), VPSit (enterprise virtualization environments), Host Made Easy (dedicated server hosting and co-location services – hostmadeeasy.com), Top Level DNS (TLD name services – topleveldns.com), Resolving Name Server ( resolvingnameserver.com), DNS University (www.dnsuniversity.com), and Domains Made Easy (domainsmadeeasy.com).

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