DNS Made Easy provides SMTP services that help keep communication flowing when normal email services are hampered by ISP firewalls and other limitations.

DNS Made Easy, the leading IP Anycast managed DNS service provider, has announced that their SMTP service has seen exponential growth in the past two quarters. This growth has exceeded their normal growth rate and is making DNS Made Easy a leader in providing reliable SMTP services for the typical internet “road-warrior”.

DNS Made Easy is most famous for its redundant DNS infrastructure which offers organizations 100% DNS uptime under their global IP anycast DNS infrastructure. The DNS Made Easy customer base has recently seen exponential growth due to the current worldwide economy and the exceptional ROI on all DNS Made Easy services. Today it is the DNS Made Easy email related services that are making headlines.

Many users who try to send email from their residential home internet connection will have their emails bounce. This is because their IP range is listed as a dynamic block known by many spam lists. This prevents a user from being able to send email from home reliably.

“ISP’s often block users from connecting on outbound port 25,” stated Courtney Staton, Senior Support Representative at DNS Made Easy. “This often prevents users from being able to connect to their company email servers to send the necessary emails to conduct business. This loss of instant communication is loss of business for many users that are working from the road. We are excited to have our SMTP authentication service be an alternative for them.”

Many ISPs often block outgoing port 25 since it is abused by spammers. By blocking this port on the ISP firewall many employees are not able to directly connect to their company networks. Historically this forced employees to send their emails through their ISP’s mail servers. However this is not a valid option as many employees need to send email from their work email address, and not their personal email address. DNS Made Easy works to remove this limitation by allowing users to connect to multiple ports on our SMTP servers to send their outgoing emails through.

When a user purchases the SMTP Authentication services from DNS Made Easy they are assigned a mail server and a list of optional ports that can be configured by the user. Once the email arrives in DNS Made Easy it is immediately sent out to the appropriate receiving email server. DNS Made Easy also allows their users to send email from the appropriate sending domain. These will allow an employee working at home or at any remote location to send their outgoing emails from their work domain. The services are actively monitored to remove abusive users before they become a problem for other clients.

The SMTP Authentication services by DNS Made Easy have a default quota of 500 emails per day or 100 MB per day. With a fee of only $24.95 per year it makes it a very attractive solution for all organizations that require a reliable SMTP solution. The SMTP authentication service can be upgraded to allow up to 2,500 emails per day and virtually unlimited amounts of data transfer (MB) per day. Once an organization has outgrown the SMTP Authentication limits of 2,500 emails per day, DNS Made Easy recommends a full virtualized email server from their sister company, VPSit. VPSit can also offer users a fully dedicated email cluster for large corporations that can scale to millions of outgoing emails per day.

About DNS Made Easy
DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC and is a leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy launched their DNS services and web management portal in 2002 and has grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 1 billion queries per day. DNS Made Easy has a proud history of 100% DNS uptime since launching their DNS service.

About Tiggee LLC
Tiggee LLC is a privately held company, formed in 1999 to provide innovative internet solutions for businesses. “Putting your business on the Internet is our business.” Tiggee LLC’s subsidiaries include DNS Made Easy (IP anycast enterprise managed DNS services), VPSit (enterprise virtualization environments – vpsit.com), Host Made Easy (dedicated server hosting and co-location services – hostmadeeasy.com), Top Level DNS (TLD name services – topleveldns.com), Resolving Name Server ( resolvingnameserver.com), DNS University (www.dnsuniversity.com), and Domains Made Easy (domainsmadeeasy.com).