DNS Made Easy creates a series to help their users around the world become more verbose in Internet technologies and gain insights on “best practices” for managing their Internet infrastructure.
DNS Made Easy, the world leading IP Anycast DNS provider, and subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, has started writing non-partisan informational posts on Squidoo; a service that allows users to create top ten lists, tutorials and reference guides to share with everybody. These posts, called “lenses,” are used to inform, educate, and entertain readers who may have specific, or not so specific queries about various topics.

“We’re trying to not only educate our users, but any potential users of our service as well,” stated Bryan Hughes, VP of System Operations at DNS Made Easy. “We want to spread the word about DNS, and how it works behind the scenes to keep the Internet running.”

The first release for their Squidoo lenses, “Enterprise DNS from Start to Finish”, went live on 10/18/2010 and includes a brief history of DNS, the different types of DNS, choosing a provider, and migrating your domain from your hosting service. There’s also a quiz at the end of the lens to help readers retain the information.

The company plans on writing more lenses in the future on various topics pertaining to DNS pending the responses from their first offering. DNS Made Easy ‘s parent company (Tiggee LLC),is also maintaining their sister site, DNS University, which serves as a free online knowledgebase for anything DNS related.

“It’s an ambiguous space we occupy that’s becoming more mainstream every day.” says Steven Job, President of Tiggee LLC. “What we want to do is help the DNS Industry grow at an even greater rate than it has been over the past several years by raising awareness about DNS. What it is, how it works, and why we need it. It’s also important to us to make certain people know what features are available in the marketplace, and where to go to find the solution that’s right for them.”

DNS Made Easy has also put a new emphasis on media in recent months, posting videos to their website and their YouTube channel to not only promote their services, but also to inform people as to how their features work.

More information about DNS Made Easy products and services can be found at .dnsmadeeasy.com.

About DNS Made Easy
DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC and is a leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy launched their DNS services and web management portal in 2002 and has grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 1 billion queries per day. DNS Made Easy has a proud history of 100% DNS uptime since launching their DNS service.

About Tiggee LLC
Tiggee LLC is a privately held company, formed in 1999 to provide innovative internet solutions for businesses. “Putting your business on the Internet is our business.” Tiggee LLC’s subsidiaries include DNS Made Easy (IP anycast enterprise managed DNS services), VPSit (enterprise virtualization environments), Host Made Easy (dedicated server hosting and co-location services – hostmadeeasy.com), Top Level DNS (TLD name services – topleveldns.com), Resolving Name Server ( resolvingnameserver.com), DNS University (www.dnsuniversity.com), and Domains Made Easy (domainsmadeeasy.com).